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A unique combination of 30 years in specialty drug distribution and 40 years in SMART refrigeration systems brings you a reimagined cold supply chain inventory management solution for vaccines and biologics.

MinibarRx® provides transformational technology to the vaccine and refrigerated drug marketplace, driving better healthcare for patients and a more efficient purchasing and stocking environment for physicians and pharmacies.

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A trusted distributor of vaccines and biologics

FFF Enterprises, Inc. is the largest and most trusted distributor of plasma products, vaccines, biosimilars and other specialty pharmaceuticals and biopharmaceuticals. Founded in 1988, FFF, a multi-billion dollar organization, celebrates over 30 years of business and a flawless safety track record for product distribution. FFF has taken a leadership position in regard to supply chain safety and innovation, setting new standards and pioneering industry firsts. FFF's commitment to Guaranteed Channel Integrity™ ensures that products are purchased only from the manufacturer and shipped only to licensed healthcare providers, with additional steps taken to safely store, handle and ship products to ensure patient safety is never compromised.

FFF Enterprises works diligently each day to fulfill its mission of Helping Healthcare Care®, knowing that there is always a patient at the end of every transaction. Wherever and whenever future opportunities are identified, FFF will continue to advocate for the advancement of patient health and safety.

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Transformational technology in vaccine refrigeration

MinibarRx® (formerly an affiliate of Minibar Systems–the world's largest maker of refrigerated platforms to the hospitality industry, and InstantDx–a pioneer in electronic prescribing and healthcare-transaction services) is a subsidiary of FFF Enterprises, Inc. MinibarRx designed and developed the SMART refrigerator for vaccines and biologics storage, coupled with technology to monitor and maintain product inventory. The result is a system that improves the process of purchasing, storing, administering, and billing for vaccines and biologics in physician offices and pharmacies, a unique pharmaceutical refrigerator.

MinibarRx's transformational technology to the refrigerated drug marketplace drives better healthcare while also providing a more efficient purchasing and stocking environment for physicians.