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COVID-19 Vaccine

Inventory Management Made Easy

MinibarRx® offers providers a robust, CDC-compliant inventory management solution to streamline and manage the entire COVID-19 vaccine supply chain, from distribution to on-site patient administration.

MinibarRx COVID-19 Vaccine Refrigerator


Learn how our RightNow Inventory Portal excels with COVID-19 vaccine management.

CDC Compliance

CDC Requirements for COVID-19 Vaccine Management
CDC Requirements: Store and handle COVID-19 vaccines under proper conditions, including maintaining cold chain conditions and chain of custody at all times in accordance with the manufacturer's package insert and CDC guidance.
CDC Requirements: Monitor vaccine storage unit temperatures at all times using equipment and practices that comply with CDC's guidance.
CDC Requirements: Comply with each relevant jurisdiction's immunization program guidance for dealing with temperature excursions.
CDC Requirements: Monitor and comply with COVID-19 vaccine expiration dates.
CDC Requirements: Preserve all records related to COVID-19 vaccine management for a minimum of 3 years, or longer if required by state, local, or territorial law.
CDC Requirements: Comply with all federal instructions and timelines for disposing of COVID-19 vaccine and adjuvant, including unused doses.

Cold Chain Management:

Special COVID-19 vaccine indicators track thaw time and beyond use date (BUD). Monitor thaw time in the RightNow Inventory Portal.


Detailed Reporting:

  • Easily track and report supply information using the RightNow Inventory Portal.
  • Provide Reporting capabilities relevant to Federal and State Vaccine Management.

Effortless Inventory Tracking

Accurate Transaction Logs

Automated Temperature Monitoring

Benefits & Features

Security Button:

Controlled product access using 4- or 6- digit passcode.

Back up Power Button:

Ensure vaccine efficacy with up to 10-hour emergency battery backup.

High Touch Customer Service Button:

A Customer Care Team is available to assist you 24/7/365.

Recently, RightNow Inventory Product Management Solutions (RNI), a subsidiary of FFF Enterprises Inc. (FFF), integrated their SMART MinibarRx cabinet technology with their RightNow Inventory™ web portal to help healthcare workers better manage their COVID-19 vaccine inventory. With MinibarRx, once the COVID -19 vaccine is placed in the cabinet, the thawing process begins. The MinibarRx technology tracks the batches placed in the cabinet and monitors thaw time in a temperature-controlled environment. Once thawed, MinibarRx automatically facilitates a FIFO vending process, maximizing the COVID-19 vaccine's extended life in a refrigerated state. The MinibarRx solution also saves the provider time with detailed and configurable reporting that satisfies state and regulatory reporting requirements.

FFF and MinibarRx are ready to partner with all authorized COVID-19 vaccine administration sites. Our robust end-to-end vaccine management system allows healthcare providers to monitor and track their entire COVID-19 vaccine supply chain from distribution to on-site patient administration. The inventory management system provides immediate visibility to enterprise-wide vaccine inventory, and automatic product replenishment based on usage. Our full-service CDC compliant inventory management solution maximizes patient safety and minimizes product waste. MinibarRx COVID-19 vaccination sites maintain a consistent, reliable supply, without the risk of excessive inventory subject to expiry.

Optional Cloud Management Solution

Our Cloud Management Solution is an add-on feature to the RightNow Inventory Portal that manages COVID-19 vaccine inventory stored outside a MinibarRx cabinet. Whether your inventory is stocked in a cabinet or not, all vaccines can be managed and monitored through our RightNow Inventory Portal.

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