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Enhancing Patient Experience

Right Vaccine. Right Time.

Access to vaccines

CDC provides immunization schedule guidelines to educate both you and the patients you serve. The MinibarRx system ensures you have the vaccines your patients need at point-of-visit, thereby enabling them to stay ahead of their immunization schedule.

In 2016, CDC published a report that looked at the lifetime use of seven common [adult] vaccines — influenza, pneumococcal, tetanus toxoid-containing (tetanus and diphtheria [Td] or tetanus and diphtheria with acellular pertussis [Tdap]), hepatitis A, hepatitis B, herpes zoster [shingles] and human papillomavirus [HPV]) — among adults in 2014, three of which — pneumococcal disease, shingles and hepatitis B — have goals in its Healthy People 2020 documents. According to the report, compared with 2013, only modest increases occurred in Tdap vaccination among adults older than 19 years and herpes zoster vaccination among adults older than 60 years. Coverage among adults for all other vaccines didn't improve at all.1

Travel Vaccine

If your patients plan to travel abroad, recommending and administering the proper travel vaccine is vital. CDC provides a Guide to Vaccination Recommendations, which includes a list of travel-related diseases, how they are transmitted, and prevention modalities. Storing travel-specific vaccines in your inventory can be costly, especially when they are just sitting in inventory or the product expires. Most healthcare providers will ask the patient to return and schedule another appointment allowing time to place an order for the vaccine. Or in some cases, the healthcare provider will write a script for a referral to the pharmacy, hoping that their patient will not only make the trip to the pharmacy, but that the vaccine will be available for administration. The amount of time waiting to receive the vaccine could result in the patient not receiving the vaccine at all, which could result in increased risk of illness when traveling abroad.

With our MinibarRx system, you can enhance your patient's healthcare experience by providing them with the vaccines they need, right-here, right-now. We can help you eliminate pharmacy referrals and vaccine return appointments, thus enabling your patient to enjoy safe travels.

Handling the Complexities of the Cold Chain

Temperature integrity in cold chain logistics is critical to managing temperature-sensitive products as they move through the supply chain. Products requiring cold chain handling are predominantly biologics (blood products and vaccines) derived from living cells, delivered in liquid form by injection or infusion and packaged in vials or syringes. Projected growth of cold chain biopharma products is twice that of the industry overall, placing added emphasis and increased regulatory scrutiny on proper storage and dispensing.2

Cold Chain Distribution Flow Chart

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