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Forward-deployed Inventory Program

MinibarRx Vaccine Biologic Refrigeration System

Ease the flow of your inventory usage, replenishment and costs through our Forward-deployed Inventory (FDI) Program. Take advantage of this opportunity and experience a positive improvement in the daily management of your practice, and your level of patient care satisfaction.

  • No-cost Refrigeration. No cost to you under our forward-deployed inventory program.
  • No risk for expired product inventory. Reduce your inventory investment by only paying for vaccines you use.
  • Aligns with your current vaccine portfolio. Customize your cartridge configuration based on your current vaccine/biologics menu.

All MinibarRx inventory in your cabinet is owned and retained by FFF Enterprises, Inc. until dispensed. You only pay for the inventory dispensed. Automatic replenishment occurs to ensure your inventory levels are maintained.

MinibarRx Cartridge Single Dose Vials

Single dose vials

MinibarRx Cartridge Multi-Dose Vials

Multi dose vials

MinibarRx Cartridge Pre-Filled Syringes

Pre-filled syringes