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Dispel the Myths Surrounding Vaccines With Informative Facts

MinibarRx Vaccine Myths and Facts Brochure


Our Vaccine Myths and Facts brochure gathers proven data from trusted resources such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to help your patients understand the value of receiving their vaccination against vaccine-preventable diseases.

Here are a few vaccine myths and facts.

Vaccine Myth

"I exercise and eat healthy, so I don't need to get vaccinated..."

Vaccine Fact

Illnesses such as the flu, can spread when a sick person coughs, sneezes or talks, and can also be transmitted on surfaces that are touched by both sick and healthy people. Even healthy people can be infected with the flu virus without showing any symptoms.

Vaccine Myth

"Disease rates have dropped due to factors other than vaccination..."

Vaccine Fact

Better living conditions (less crowded housing, better nutrition, etc.) have had an impact on disease rates. But, the only real decrease in a vaccine preventable disease has occurred after the introduction of a vaccine to prevent it. This is also true for newer vaccines like Hib (1987) and varicella (1995), which were introduced during times of modern hygiene.

Vaccine Myths and Facts Brochure