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RightNow Inventory Portal Online Laptop

The RightNow Inventory™ Portal

Improves Patient Safety
Reduces Financial Risks
Eliminates Manual Efforts

Learn how our RightNow Inventory Portal can help manage your inventory.

Enterprise-Wide and Facility Level Inventory Management

The RightNow Inventory™ Portal gives users enterprise-wide and facility level visibility to track inventory by MinibarRx cabinet, product, lot number and expiry date. Users can also search inventory based on expiration date to identify products nearing expiry to reduce waste.

Healthcare Centric Refill Functionality

The RightNow Inventory™ Portal's proprietary PAR management algorithms calculate optimal stocking levels based on healthcare centric parameters, while considering customer specific settings for Clinical Reserve Levels (CRL) and Max Fill quantity by product. Easy to follow stocking status will group and guide when creating the next purchase orders, and Forward Deployed Inventory Program customers will benefit from fully automated replenishment.

SMART Cabinet Temperature Reporting

The RightNow Inventory™ Portal captures temperature readings from your SMART cabinet every 10 minutes. The readings are logged and checked to make sure the temperature remains in product specific parameters. The full history of temperature readings is at your fingertips for internal review or regulatory reporting.

Alert Management

Sign up to receive automatic email notifications when MinibarRx issues an alert. A complete history of all alerts is available for incident review.

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