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Robust Reporting & Monitoring Capabilities

Customer Portal

Through the MinibarRx Customer Portal, you can track the visibility of current inventory, usage data, and products approaching expiry. In addition, the system will record inventory usage each time a product is dispensed, and which user dispensed the item. When products are replenished, this information is automatically captured in your inventory reports. The Customer Portal helps to eliminate the manual processes you are performing today and eases the burden of tracking expensive inventory.

Along with inventory data reports, the portal also provides real-time temperature readings every 10 seconds. If a temperature reading is outside of the designated range, an audible alarm is triggered on the system which sends an email notification to our MinibarRx support staff and all designated practice managers.

Through one dashboard, the Customer Portal offers visibility when managing multiple MinibarRx sites, improving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as:

  • Temperature
  • Expiry
  • Inventory
  • Lot numbers

EMR Integration

Our MinbarRx system allows you to reconcile the removal of inventory with your EMR administration to ensure accurate billing.